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Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych w Białymstoku
Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego Nr 2 im. Św. Józefa w Białymstoku
15-959 Białystok, ul. Broniewskiego 14
+48 85 651 34 79
Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych w Białymstoku
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Małgorzata Kleszczewska Dyrektor

Małgorzata Kleszczewska

St. Joseph Mechanical Engineering School Complex Practical Training Centre no 2 in Białystok is a school with 97 year-long tradition. We educate students in mechanical and automotive sectors. Since September 2017 we have been educating in gas sector as well. Technician mechanics students have opportunities to obtain qualifications in terms of the installation and operations of machinery equipment, the usage of cutting machines, crafting and repairing machine elements, machines and tools as well as the organization and supervision of machines and tools production processes. In our school students have access to both conventional equipment as well as modern CNC machines. We have cooperated with leading companies from mechanical sector both from Podlasie region and from Poland for many years. In 2013, thanks to Union funding, we purchased two Haas CNC turning centres and two Haas verti-al machining centres. That makes us the second school in Poland with the largest number of CNC machines. In 2016 HTEC – Haas Technical Education Center was opened in Mechanical Engineering School . We provide our students with constant access to the latest technologies in metalworking. We are open to technological novelties and cooperation with companies.