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Województwo Podlaskie
15-888 Białystok ul. Kardynała S. Wyszyńskiego 1
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Województwo Podlaskie


The metal and machinery industry is an important part of the economy of Podlasie, and one of the smart specialisations of our voivodship. It is also an important part of the ambitious plans of Podlasie, which is to be based on innovation, in particular on Industry 4.0. The Metal Processing Cluster brings together companies with the po-tential of leaders blazing a trail for others. Podlasie must use ingenuity and potential of entrepreneurs and companies that are associated with it. Many of them are within the Metal Processing Cluster, and by practically implementing the difficult challenge of cooperation in joint ventures, they show a new quality that will be necessary for the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution. I believe that companies that are members of the Cluster may not only give an example, but also inspire the development. The development of modern technologies is the economic future of Podlaskie Voivodship. I'm convinced that people who have the ambition to change Podlasie and their new perspective at the economy will boost the competitiveness of regional companies. A new economic vision will be based on our companies creating new technological solutions ahead of the competition. I believe that the Metal Processing Cluster will make a great contribution to it. 110

I wish you every success.