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Urząd Miejski w Suwałkach
16-400 Suwałki, ul. Mickiewicza 1
+48 87 562 80 00
Urząd Miejski w Suwałkach


Suwałki is an investor-friendly city. The activities of the local authorities are focused on the economic development of the city. The infrastructure of the city and its area development plans are systematically developed and extended. The city of Suwałki offers tax holidays and exemptions for entrepreneurs (e.g. de minimis aid and regional aid programs). Suwałki is situated at favorable geographical location (in northeastern Poland near the borders with 3 countries) and well connected. It is situated nearby the important routes (the national road No. 8, and railway line – future Via and Rail Baltica). Moreover, in near future local airport (2019), new communication system so-called Eastern Route (2019) and beltway (2019) will be created. We invite you to Suwałki - a city friendly to entrepreneurs, rapidly growing, hospitable and safe place, the city worth investing.