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Suwalska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna
Suwalska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna
16-400 Suwałki, ul. T. Noniewicza 49
+48 87 565 22 17
Suwalska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna
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Leszek Dec Prezes Zarządu

Leszek Dec
Prezes Zarządu

The beginnings of Suwałki Special Economic Zone date back to 1996. During 22 years of its functioning, 122 companies have located their business within the area offering preferential conditions, and their investment spending amounted to over PLN 3,086 million. As many as 10,500 people have gotten employed within the SSEZ. Currently, Suwałki Special Economic Zone faces a challenge connected with entering into force of the Act of 10 May 2018 on supporting new investments. This legislation makes investing in any chosen area significantly easier. The legislator also decided to reward in particular those, who would locate their companies in areas with economic difficulties. Thanks to this solution, the areas managed by SSSE S.A. will retain the highest possible levels of exemptions from income tax. Today, one of the tasks shared by all special economic zones is to care for further, steady economic growth of each Polish region. Our mission remains the same though, comprising actions taken in order to facilitate investment process performance in the Northeastern Poland.