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Politechnika Białostocka
15-351 Białystok, Wiejska 45A
+48 85 746 90 14
Politechnika Białostocka


The Białystok University of Technology, for nearly 70 years, has been educating engineers, who support Polish and foreign companies with their knowledge and skills. The university also effectively cooperates with business. The priority tasks of the Białystok University of Technology include acting as a bridge between science and industry. It is because such cooperation is a basic factor that determines the development of both scientific centres, as well as industrial organisations operating in the modern knowledge-based economy. The joint implementation of projects, the results of which are used by the industry, stimulate scientists to focus their activities on the most demanded research topics. It also provides additional financial resources and the development of laboratory and research facilities. The cooperation of the university with the industry, including with the companies of the Metal Processing Cluster, guarantees the creation of innovative technical solutions. Multidimensionality of the Białystok University of Technology creates unlimited opportunities for the development of the university and the entities cooperating with us. Feel free to contact us and to implement innovative projects with us.