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Białostocki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
15-540 Białystok, ul. Żurawia 71
+48 85 733 39 55
Białostocki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny


Białystok Science and Technology Park is, first and foremost, an open space to grow your business. This is where concepts are born, take shape and develop the potential to fight for their place on the market. This is a place where ideas combine with practice, and young innovators draw inspiration from the more mature companies around them. We offer not only an office location but, above all, a space for networking and exchanging knowledge and experience within an innovative community. It's a place where entrepreneurs can develop their network of business contacts and discover new opportunities for collaboration. Białystok Science and Technology Park creates unique development opportunities. In this dedicated business space, people and their ideas find recognition and support in their creativity. BSTP is Eastern Poland's first technopark certified by the Association of Organisers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centres in Poland (SOOIPP).

We Cultivate Innovation. Naturally.

(BSTP mission)