The root and inspiration to create the cluster was the realization of „The Podlasie Metal Processing Cluster as an opportunity for innovative development of the region” project, which was financed by the European Fund and government funds under Measure 2.6 of the Integrated Regional Development Operational Programme, which was implemented in between 2007 to 2008 by the Center for the Promotion of Innovation and Development.
From that moment the Centre for Promotion of Innovation and Development acts as a network broker of the cluster.

The aim of the cluster is to strengthen the cooperation between businesses, educational and scientific institutions, local and regional authorities and access to innovative technologies and growth of the qualifications of enterprises’ staff .

The role of the Centre for Promotion of Innovation and Development includes obtaining external sources of financing for the implementation of certain objectives.

After the companies from warmińsko-mazurskie and lubleskie voivodeships joined the cluster,
the decision was made to change the name to the Metals Processing Cluster, bringing together organizations and companies from the region of the north-east Poland.

The cluster has an open formula, the businesses and organizations operating in the metal industry outside these regions and foreign entities may join it.

We invite you to get acquainted with the Agreement on Cooperation within the Metals Processing Cluster and to complete the Declaration of Participation.