Companies concentrated in the cluster are benefiting from the fact that it is better for them to act together than separately; that acting together allows them to achieve higher competitiveness than isolation and acting alone. Enterprises can co-work only in certain areas.

The results of the research show that the cooperation concerns mostly marketing research, promotion on foreign markets, training, coordination of public-private investments and lobbying at the level of national authorities.

Cooperation within the cluster may mean for businesses:

  • faster and better development
  • more flexible work organization
  • specialized and cheaper production factors including employees and knowledge
  • higher productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, entrepreneurship
  • greater ability for innovation, improving the flow of information, knowledge and skills, both through formal and informal contacts of the participants
  • more effective impact on regional authorities and public institutions
  • shared use of of the machine park
  • increased visibility (of brand, image)
  • offer specialization.